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The Jean Barriol Institute is a Federation comprising three Joint Research Units (UMRs), supported by the CNRS and situated mainly in Nancy, and one Research Team (EA), basically located in Metz. The four Laboratories belong to the Molecular Physics and Chemistry Center (CPM) of the Universiy of Lorraine.


Laboratoire de Cristallographie, Résonance Magnétique et Modélisations (UMR CNRS 7036)
Director : Dominik Schaniel

The Crystallography, Magnetic Resonance and Modeling Lab (CRM2) is a wolrd-leading group developing methodologies, codes and instruments for crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance and density functional theory. Advances in technologies and applications, the promotion of scientific progress and the formation of young scientists are the primary missions of the lab.

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Laboratoire de Chimie Physique et Microbiologie pour l'Environnement (UMR CNRS 7564)
Director : Alain Walcarius

The LCPME incorporates three research teams in the domain of mineral and biological interfaces in aqueous media. The most important aim of their studies is understanding the reactivity of solid surfaces (mineral, hybrid mineral/organic or biological) in an aqueous phase, taking into account the heterogeneities of the systems under study at different levels of complexity (SMI Platform). A particular attention is paid to applications being of potential interest for environmentally friendly processes and for the development of new materials..

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Structure et Réactivité des Systèmes Moléculaires Complexes (UMR CNRS 7565)
Director: Yves Fort

Born in 1997, this Laboratory offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of complex molecular systems, by combining computational methods in theoretical chemistry, synthesis, physical-chemistry and biology. The main research themes of the lab originate from three fundamental challenges in Science: the environment (Green Chemistry), energy (photovoltaic technology) and health (novel therapeutic substances).

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Laboratoire de Chimie et Physique / Approche Multi-Echelle des Milieux Complexes (EA 4632)
Director : Olivier Pagès

Located on the Metz Campus of the University of Lorraine, this Laboratory
offers specialised expertise in chemical characterisation and materials physics. Chemical synthesis, as well as joint theory-experiments approaches represent the methodologies developed by the scientists of the LCP-A2MC.
The lab focuses on the following domains: order/disorder/self-organization, sustainable chemistry, nanomaterials, statistical physics and biophysics, bioorganic chemistry.

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