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Allocations de Thèse IJB 2017


Two PhD positions (three years) are opened at the Jean Barriol Institute, Nancy, France, starting September 2017.





1) Unravelling the effect of nanoconfinement on molecular properties: a theoretical and experimental study of hybrid layered double hydroxides
Contacts: Francesca.Ingrosso@univ-lorraine.fr    and/or   Erwan.Andre@univ-lorraine.fr
Download project here

2) Transformation and removal mechanism of nitrate ions in contact with filtration and photocatalytic materials
Contacts:  Christian.ruby@univ-lorraine.fr    and/or    Bruno.azambre@univ-lorraine.fr
Download project here


Living in Nancy
Nancy is a pleasant city in Lorraine, north-eastern France, within an hour and a half by train from Paris, Strasbourg, Germany and Luxembourg. The city center hosts a few UNESCO World Heritage sites, and it is world-wide known for buildings and masterpieces in the Art Nouveau style. Easy access to hiking, biking, skiing, climbing and other outdoor sports is a great advantage of leaving in Nancy, a city surrounded by forests and by the countryside and only 80 km away from the Vosges mountains.