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Workshop NutriOx 2014, Nutrition and Ageing, 1 – 3 October 2014, Metz Technopôle, France

NutriOx network brings together experts from various disciplines, ranging from analytical and organic chemistry to medicinal, nutritional and agricultural sciences, to answer to intricate questions of nutrition and health. The Atelier NutriOx 2014 focuses on “hot” topics of natural product research, with special themes such as nutrition and ageing, medicinal applications.
The Atelier provides an international forum for young scientists, Diplom and PhD-Students as well as Post-Docs, to present their research (oral communications and poster sessions) and to network with senior scientists and research experts from the region but also from across Europe. The Atelier facilitates contacts with potential host laboratories, national, and international researchers
Each session of the Atelier will start by lectures given by invited research experts.

Participants (senior and young scientists) must register in advance, but there is no registration fee.
Register before September 14, 2014.

File up the registration form and e-mail to patrick.chaimbault@univ-lorraine.fr